Pecos’ PW85 Wind Turbine

The PW85 is an 85kW distributed wind turbine for behind-the-meter (onsite) and distribution-level (community-serving or community wind) power generation. Our design leverages an induction generator, a gearbox, and an extensive portfolio of commercially-off-the-shelf components for high reliability and serviceability. 

pecos wind power technology
market wind speed - small turbines for low wind speeds

Designed for Low Wind Speed 

The PW85 is optimized for low wind speeds; these wind speeds are very common and allow us to impact a much greater geography. The low wind speed design also boosts capacity factor (the utilization rate of the turbine’s generating capacity) and increase energy production.

Novel Prefabricated Foundation

Our patent-pending foundation reduces turbine installation time from 1.5 months to 1 week.

wind power pre-fabricated foundation

A conventional foundation requires 28+ days for concrete to cure.

Pecos Wind Power’s pre-fabricated foundation requires < 5 days.

Together, these advancements build the foundation for low cost and reliable distributed wind power.